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Respect, quality, reliability, collegiality, safety and continuous improvement have shaped our company and its culture and they are our future.

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Our strategy is based on excellent operational processes and technologies, as well as continuous cost optimization to enhance our competitiveness, increase market share, expand our product portfolio with new sophisticated products and increase our value-added.

The management and all employees are committed to delivering services of the highest quality and adhering to confirmed deadlines and defined costs. Our principles in this regard are set by the management following the company’s policy. Our goals are defined annually deriving from this policy. The management in collaboration with individual business units sets measurable departmental objectives and provides the necessary resources to achieve these objectives from the entirety of all goals.

The RWG management team upholds this standard day after day.

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Philosophy, Values & Vision



Innovation has shaped our culture
….. and is our future!
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RWG is a company with a rich history located in Höchstadt /Aisch in Middle Franconia. Since 2002, it has been an independent subsidiary of the American KAMAN Corporation within the Aerospace – Specialty Bearings & Engineered Products division. RWG Germany GmbH is a renowned and growing manufacturer of precision and high-quality aircraft bearings. Its customers include all well-known manufacturers in the aerospace industry, as well as those in motorsports and mechanical engineering. The secret to its success lies not only in its high quality and innovation but also in its strong customer orientation and the dedicated team of more than 200 employees.

RWG Germany GmbH was originally founded in 1943 under the name “Frankenjura Industrie GmbH” and was engaged in the reconditioning of bearings for the automotive and machinery industries. The company grew at its Erlangen location to employ around 200 people.

In the 50th year of its existence, in May 1993, Frankenjura had to close due to economic difficulties. A former employee, Robert Wirth, purchased manufacturing machines from the assets and began bearing production in September 1993 with twelve employees at the same location. The company was now called Robert Wirth Gesellschaft mbH (RWG). In 2002, due to health issues, Robert Wirth decided to sell the company to Kaman Corporation. Kaman Corp. was founded in 1945 by Charles H. Kaman in Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA, where the company’s headquarters is still located today. As a result, RWG received an international designation and was renamed “RWG Germany GmbH.” The KAMAN Corporation now employs approximately 4,900 people at more than 200 locations. The KAMAN Corporation was listed on the New York Stock Exchange until it has been acquired by a private US equity in April 2024.

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Founder Charles Kaman


Acquisition by Arcline Investment Management


Rebranding as RWG Germany GmbH with approximately 200 employees


Acquisition of the company by KAMAN Corporation (Bloomfield, CT, USA)


Establishment of RWG Frankenjura-Industrie Flugwerklager GmbH


Foundation of FJG Frankenjura-Industrie GmbH (Production ceased/discontinued in 1993)


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