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RWG is a significant and qualified supplier to the aerospace industry and is also present in other sectors with demanding products. Our customer segment has always been characterized by the highest safety and quality requirements. Therefore, at RWG, we can speak of an extended concept of quality: According to our understanding, the concept of quality encompasses not only the safety and quality of the product but also its cost-effectiveness, the reliability of delivery schedules and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, RWG commits to promoting awareness among its employees and external partners for ethical behavior. To realize this quality claim, the management, leaders and employees of RWG adhere to the following eight principles of quality:

  • All products must fully meet the safety requirements of the aerospace industry, applicable standards and laws, regulatory requirements, rules of technology, our own specifications and those of our customers.
  • To this end, we strive for close and partnership-based cooperation with customers, suppliers and authorities.
  • Within our company, all organizational units are oriented towards a common goal. The quality policy is mandatory for each employee.
  • Management and leaders create the conditions for achieving safety and quality by providing the necessary resources, promoting the personal and professional development of their employees and making necessary decisions.
  • Employees work together and with their leaders to produce compliant, safe and defect-free products.
  • The employed work methods, production processes and equipment lead to cost-effective products, prevent poor quality and are constantly systematically improved to ensure product safety.
  • Suppliers and subcontractors are selected based on product safety, quality, and economic criteria, committed to our delivery specifications and monitored appropriately.
  • Products are only delivered once it has been proven that they fully meet the requirements. Safety takes precedence over economic issues.

To continue to meet the ever-growing requirements of the aerospace industry and our customers in the future, RWG embraces a continuous improvement process. Our quality objectives, which always prioritize customer satisfaction, provide the framework for this.

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